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Win4Youth – Ragnar Relay

Last weekend, Random Acts of Foolishness, a team of Adecco GS/E&T colleagues, a former client, and a prospective client embarked on an ambitious Win4Youth event.  Beginning on Friday at 10am, the 12-person relay team took turns running 200 miles from Madison, WI to the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago, IL as a part of the Ragnar Relay Series.  For 30 straight hours, Team Adecco had someone on the course running through small towns, cornfields, bike trails, college campuses and just about anywhere else.  Whether it was a heat index of 100+ degrees during daytime running hours, napping on the YMCA gym floor for a few precious minutes, eating the “gourmet” food of a truck stop Denny’s at 2am, or decking out in headlamps and reflective gear for nighttime running that resembled the Blair Witch Project, the team persevered and soaked up every moment of this unique challenge.  Most colleagues had never met each other until just before the race, but you would never have known it by the time the team crossed the finish line in Chicago.  The aches, pains, and lack of sleep will fade away, but no one can ever take the memories and laughs away from the group.

The team’s goal was to finish in the top half of the 423 participating teams.  Random Acts of Foolishness far surpassed that goal by finishing 151st in 30 hours and 19 minutes.  More importantly, the team used every opportunity to learn from each other and share best practices among offices/regions/clients while supporting great charities through Adecco’s Win4Youth initiative.

In the order that they ran, the Random Acts of Foolishness team included the following:

  1. Dan Kruschek (Project Manager at Fiserv, a prospective client in Madison)
  2. Dave Mundy of Indianapolis
  3. Krista Uhlenhake (Program Mgr – GE Healthcare)
  4. Steve Wallen (HR Mgr at IMMI, a former client in Indianapolis)
  5. Laura Johnson (Recruiter – Milwaukee Technical)
  6. Marc Sweger (Branch Manager – Indianapolis Technical)
  7. Jenni Chelenyak (Onsite Mgr – TRW Automotive)
  8. Randy Mittelstaedt (Nichole’s husband)
  9. Nichole Spaight-Mittelstaedt (VP of Sales – General Staffing)
  10. Jeneta Idrizi (AE – Detroit Technical)
  11. Bill McGuckin (Area Director – Northeast Metro Tech)
  12. Matt Shoulta (Recruiter – Cincinnati Technical)

Special thanks also go to Monica Walker (Recruiter – West Allis GS) and Marc’s parents for graciously being the three volunteers that each team is required to provide to help along the course route.

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1 Krista Uhlenhake June 20, 2012

Have you ever done a relay race? I have played in many volleyball and softball tournaments as a team but never ran an overnight relay race as a team. Some of my team members I had never met before… but in the 30 hours of being together… I felt like I had know them for years! This was a great team building event for a great cause, Win4Youth – Tri As One!
Thanks for the opportunity to apart of a great event!

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